Geolocation API Format

The WxData™ Geolocation API provides direct access to nearly 30,000 locations in the U.S. to obtain city, state, zip code, latitude, longitude, local time zone information, and more. Don't manage your own Geolocations database, save time with this easy to use, highly reliable, accurate API for all your operational needs.

If you have an existing account using the API Explorer is recommended to build API calls. Additionally, securely passing "key" and "secret" in the http header is supported. Curl example represented below:

curl "" \
-H "key: [provided-apikey]" \
-H "secret: [provided-secretkey]"

In your API call you can filter on these elements:

  • nation wide
  • zip code
  • state
  • city
  • latitude & longitude

HTTP Methods

API supports GET

Base URL



Request Parameters

The following parameters may be used:

Parameter Description Required Values
version Version control Required 1.0
format Return data format Required xml
key User API access key Required As provided by WxData™
secret Secret key (do not share) Required As provided by WxData™
location 1) 5 digit zip code, 2) city+name, state, 3) city, 4) state Required

Return Elements: Information About The Returned Weather Observation Data

Value Description Type
city City name text
state Two character state abbreviations text
county County of origin text
latitude Latitude of city/state location float
longitude Longitude of city/state location float
fipscode 5-digit codes that are assigned to each county. The first two digits are for the State and the last three identify the County, or county equivalent. text
zonecode National Weather Service forecast counties/zones (by names & by codes) text
timezone timezone of location returned text
daylighttime Location follows day light savings time (yes/no) text

XML Sample Output

<response xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" version="1.2" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=""> <time_taken_ms>191</time_taken_ms> <errors/> <warnings/> <data num_results="2"> <location> <city>NEW YORK</city> <state>NY</state> <county>New York</county> <zipcode>10280</zipcode> <latitude>74.0163</latitude> <longitude>40.7105</longitude> <fipscode>36061</fipscode> <countycode>C061</countycode> <zonecode>Z072</zonecode> <timezone>EST</timezone> <daylighttime>yes</daylighttime> </location> <location> <city>NEW YORK</city> <state>NY</state> <county>New York</county> <zipcode>10128</zipcode> <latitude>73.9511</latitude> <longitude>40.7816</longitude> <fipscode>36061</fipscode> <countycode>C061</countycode> <zonecode>Z072</zonecode> <timezone>EST</timezone> <daylighttime>yes</daylighttime> </location> </data> </response>

Our weather API is currently used worldwide by users to feed their apps, services, and mission with reliable weather data.

If you have any queries, then please contact us. Pricing