Storm Reports API Builder

The WxData™ Storm Reports API provides direct access to real-time and historical U.S. storm report data beginning Feb 2013. Storm reports are returned in XML format or map plotted for human analysis. Select from over 25 different report types shown listed below. Reports also contain latitude/longitude or city/state to pinpoint storm event or damage location. Filtering options by date range, magnitude (EG hail size), and national, state, city, or county location offers powerful targeting to receive only those reports that meet your needs. For all format parameters Click Here

Parameter Value Type Needed Description
version string Required 1.0
date string Required Start date range (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
enddate string Required End date range (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
city string Optional City filter, also requires state. EG New+York+City
state string Optional Two character state abbreviation
county string Optional County filter, also requires state. EG St+Joseph
event string Optional Event type. EG "hail" Click for examples
mag_confidence string Optional Magnitude confidence. "e" (estimated) "m" (measured) "f" (fujita scale, tornado only) Click for examples
mag_range string Optional Magnitude range. EG "gt+0.50" (greater than 0.50 inch) Click for examples