Geolocation API

The WxData™ Geolocation API provides direct access to nearly 30,000 locations in the U.S. to obtain city, state, zip code, latitude, longitude, local time zone information, and more. Filtering options allow targeted discover of latitude & longitude at desired locations, all zip codes across the nation, state, or city level. For a list of all location elements accessible with this API click here.

Don't manage your own Geolocations database, save time with this easy to use, highly reliable, accurate API for all your operational needs. To sign-up through our self-service access through an online shopping cart. click here.

What locations are supported?

This service covers nearly 30,000 cities across all 50 U.S. States. This translates into excellent coverage to meet any need for this type of weather data. To view a map of cities accessible through this API click here

What location data is returned?

Filtering options include zip code, city & state, city, state. Data returned includes:

  • City
  • State abbreviation
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Latitude of location
  • Longitude of location
  • County code
  • National Weather Service Zone code
  • Time zone
  • Daylight savings time followed

How do I format and use this API?

To learn more about how to make the API call, examples of filters, and more click here.

Our weather API is currently used worldwide by users to feed their apps, services, and mission with reliable weather data.

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