Storm Reports API

The WxData™ Storm Reports API provides direct access to real-time and historical U.S. storm report data beginning Feb 2013. Storm reports are returned in XML format or map plotted for human analysis. Select from over 25 different report types shown listed below. Reports also contain latitude/longitude or city/state to pinpoint storm event or damage location. Filtering options by date range, magnitude (EG hail size), and national, state, city, or county location offers powerful targeting to receive only those reports that meet your needs. For all filtering operations click here

This API solution is extremely easy to use, highly reliable, accurate, with self-service access through an online shopping cart. Sign-up today.

What locations are supported?

This service provides storm reports across all 50 U.S. States.

What weather elements can you filter on?

In your API call you can filter on these elements:

  • location
  • date range
  • Event type (Tornado, Hail, Snow amount, ... )
  • Magnitude Confidence (measured, estimated)
  • Magnitude Range

What type of storm report event data is supported?

In your API call you can filter on these event types:

  • tornado
  • funnel cloud
  • thunderstorm wind damage
  • thunderstorm wind gust
  • non-thunderstorm wind damage
  • non-thunderstorm wind gust
  • lightning
  • downburst
  • high sustained winds
  • ail
  • flood
  • flash flood
  • rain
  • heavy rain
  • heavy snow
  • Wind direction
  • snow
  • dense fog
  • dust storm
  • wildfire
  • hurricane
  • storm surge
  • tropical storm
  • rip currents
  • marine hail
  • marine thunderstorm wind
  • water spout

How do I format and use this API?

To learn more about how to make the API call, examples of filters, and more click here.

Our weather API is currently used worldwide by users to feed their apps, services, and mission with reliable weather data.

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